Thrive or Survive

By Michael Emerson

Sometimes in this world, we get STUCK and we ask ourselves. Thrive or Survive? Sometimes we just need a little help.. It's all about choices. I have made mine. Have you made YOURS?

I was recently in touch with a friend, across country… Montana to Massachusetts, Montana City to Boston… Different cultures, different space… A bright woman with a clear head and a lot of sass… Her writings always bring a smile to one's face. She asked what I had been doing of late. I said, “Traden Harley’s For Horses…” She said, “That'd make a hell of a title for a song...or perhaps a blog (hint, hint).” So here’s both…. As one might say, “Priceless”.

Horses and Harley’s…. They have a lot in common…. You don’t touch the biker's colors and you don’t touch the cowboys' hat…. An attitude of strength and solitude permeates both. They are loners within a group, forgotten in time and space yet fully alive in today’s culture…. We have a little “biker” and “cowboy” in us all.

You can “double-up” on both, Harley’s and Horses but they don’t perform as well if you do… It’s better if you put yourself astride, with your face to the wind, and feel the “horsepower” between your legs. Then again, arms wrapped around you and a head resting on your back is not a bad place to be either… It’s just a different motivation….

Harley’s for Horses, a transformation back in time… Coming to grips with one’s own intrinsic values and motivations. Sometimes, we all need a change. A change that appears different on the outside but maybe frighteningly similar when one takes a hard look. Maybe it’s not really a change “without”, but a getting back to whom we really are “within”. Just along a different road, a different high mountain valley. A reawakening one might say, to one’s own inner strength.

Traden Harley’s for Horses 7-22-2010 - Michael Emerson

Traden Harley’s for Horses, Leathers for lariats.
Skull caps for a high crown Stetson Cowboy Hat.
Long stretches of black asphalt, for a High Mountain Desert Plain.
It looks like I’m riding again…

Fancy black and chrome with pin strips, and a big bore loping twin.

Traded for a big, high steppen stallion, black as the night within.

I step lightly into the stirrup and upon that big blacks back
Yes, it looks like this ole Cowboys finally back.

You can feel the power beneath you, with a 100 pounds of thrust
You can feel that stallions muscles, having only you to trust
A deep seat in the saddle with legs stretched out tight
Muscle or steel, this ole cowboy rides tonight.

Long stretches of black asphalt or a High Mountain Desert Plain
It really doesn’t matter as this Cowboys rides again.

Harley’s and Horses are both a lifestyle that if “asked to explain” is almost impossible to understand…. It’s a concept you feel, not one you intellectualize. We have all experienced this in some fashion or another… At some time or at someplace. In some manner of speaking, we all Trade Harley’s for Horses sometime in our lives. It’s our way “back to the future” and away from “stagnation”.

So today, I leave you with this thought… “Traden Harley’s For Horses….” When is it your time? Or have you already? As always, It’s a choice… I’ve made mine… Have you made yours? All we really have are “Harley’s and Horses” and the manner in which we sit the saddle…. Performance and style….. they go hand in hand….

Until next time, this Reservation Recluse has Horses to Train and Harley’s to Ride.


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