When life makes it impossible to get to a Therapist’s Office. Connect from the privacy of your own environment; be it Personal Computer, Lap Top, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Confidential, Private and HIPPA Compliant.

Available to Montana Residents, Dr. Emerson offers a unique service which may not be beneficial for all, but truly life changing for the “right” person, under the “right” circumstance.

FACE to FACE Therapy, in a truly special way. Montana is unique in its wide open spaces and also difficulty in accessing Mental Health Services. One may find the distance too great to travel, one’s physical condition too impaired or the weather impossible to navigate and too dangerous to travel.

TelePsych may solve some, if not all these potential issues. The availability for Therapy to the “Right” Person and for the “Right” Conditions.

A New Delivery of “Needed Services”, at just the “Right Time”.

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